Welcom to Marhaba Seafood restaurant Al Darb

Marhaba Seafood Restaurant is a Saudi restaurant established in 2017 in the city of Jizan - Al Darb, our main goal: is to invest in healthy and delicious food products that taste delicious from the sea and its nutritious products. It is based on trust with our customers, which helped us to become one of the most famous seafood restaurants. To be the market leader in the chain of seafood restaurants that provide distinctive service up to luxury. Wide spread throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in the near future and some Arab countries. Full commitment to implementing and developing administrative standards and systems. Continuous pursuit and work to provide a global brand worthy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our mission:(1) Honesty and integrity in serving consumers and raising the quality of these services (2) Contribute to increasing public awareness of the importance of seafood as it contains scientifically proven healthy nutrients (3) to keep pace with the growth in the technical capabilities of operations and services in the industry (4) to provide global standards in relation to With nature, eastern and Gulf traditions and customer culture

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برياني روبيان

روبيان كداي

شوربة ربيان

برياني سمك

مكبوس برياني



كيلو كالوري
برياني سمك90 Biriyani
برياني روبيان 90 Shrimp biriyani
مكبوس برياني90Makboos biriyani



كيلو كالوري
كاري روبيان180Shrimp curry
سمك مولي380Fish molly
كاري سمك270Fish curry
كاري سمك حار220Spicy Fish curry
سمك بالطماطم220Fish tomato



كيلو كالوري
سمك هامور92 Hamour Fish
سمك بياض90 Fish bayadh
سمك فارس88Faris fish (Sarra)
سمك شعور 88 Shaour Fish
فريدى 192 Harid faride
سمك قاروش (سيباس )92 Seabass fish
سمك سلمون122 Fish salamon
سمك دنيس 92 اSea brim
(سمك الكنعد (ديراك 104Dirac
روبيان جامبو90Jumbo shrimp
سماك حمرا90Hamra fish
سمك ناجل92Fish Najil
سمك فيليه90Fillet fish
سمك البلطي112Tilapia
سمك شريفي 92Sheriffe fish



كيلو كالوري
عصير أفوكادو160Avocado juice
عصير جوافه57guava juice
عصير ليمون نعناع22Lemon Mint Juice
عصير برتقال40Orange Juice
عصير برتقال كبس45Squeeze orange juice
عصير الرمان54pomegranate juice
عصير فراولة50Strawberry juice
عصير كوكتيل50Cocktail juice
عصير مانجو50Mango juice
عصير أناناس50Pineapple juice
عصير ليمون50lemon juice



كيلو كالوري
رز أبيض783White Rice
رز أحمر90Red rice
رز صيادية811Sayadiyah rice
رز مخلوط90Mixed Rice
رز مقلي90Fried Rice
رز برياني90Biriyani Rice